Oh dear.

We found this charming video, which you can view after the jump, over at SF Appeal. It seems that during today's UC Berkeley fee-hike protest, some students got a bit rowdy. So rowdy, in fact, that the fuzz had to put a beat down on a few rapscallions, which is typical during protests that get unseemly whenever the police show up.

According to YouTube user kurtjimi27, who shot the footage, it all started when protesters attempted to block a a cop from transporting a barricade to Wheeler Hall.

As students attempted to block a barricade from being walked in to the Wheeler perimeter, a cop pushed a student to the floor and another punched a kid in the face (video starts around this point). After this incited the students to stay firm, the first cop took out his club and started jabbing students in the stomach which caused the students to back up and the eventually cops went to the right to get through.

As of 2 p.m. students remain barricaded on the second floor of Wheeler Hall.

Check out footage of the protest turning course after the jump.