What's being described as a "major bloodbath," both the Los Angeles and San Francisco Current offices plan on snipping 80 employees, which will bring their entire staff to somewhere around 300. This comes on the heels of news that Al Gore's media company will become more YoutTube-ish. That is to say, shorter videos produced my non-employees.

NBC Bay Area's Jackson West reports:

This re-organization was not the result of a need to cut costs. Current Media will have its most profitable year. This financial stability will allow the company to re-allocate resources in order to put further emphasis on areas of the business believed to best position Current Media for continued long-term growth.

Current COO Joanna Drake Earl tells Valleywag, "'It's always a very sad day to eliminate positions,'" going on to say that "'being a good media company listening to our consumers... any media company in the business of show production is... watching the dial'" And that? Is showbiz, folks. Even a hippie business like Current sometimes must to make tough decisions.