Under the impression that online internet world wide webloggers are swiping their golden nuggets of wisdom without linkage, SFGate recently infused their site with inane cross-scripting nonsense that automatically adds a url link when you copy/paste any of the Gate's content. Basically, it's like a teddy bear cam for writers who use their site. It is, for lack of a better word, retarded.

SF Appeal, thankfully, found out a way to shut off the pesky copy/paste scripting. Go here to read more about it. Or, if you're a blogger, go here to turn off the attribution link.

In related news, Chron started printing on glossy paper on Monday in order "to better serve readers and advertisers." Which is very odd. A high gloss fetish combined with paranoid copy/paste scripting can mean only one thing: massive amounts of Colombian disco flake over at 901 Mission. We really see no other explanation.