This sticker was spotted on a bus stop at Union and Van Ness this morning on a 2012, advertising what seems like a site with a serious discussion of Mayan mysticism,

The film, which hits theaters this Friday, is about the end of the world based on the on Mayan calendar, which stops at 2012.

Are Mayan mystics taking advantage of the movie 2012 to advertise their own pet projects? Because that would be pretty awesome. Or, is the movie setting up fake sites and fake graffiti with these commonly used stickers in an effort to sucker in more people? Because that would be pretty awesome too. (Although the film's studio, according to Wikipedia, also launched a "viral marketing website" supposedly operated by the film's fictional Institute for Human Continuity, "where filmgoers could register for a lottery number to be part of a small population that would be rescued from the global destruction." However, David Morrison of NASA, it seems "received over 1000 inquiries from people who thought the website was genuine." Morrison slammed the site, saying "I've even had cases of teenagers writing to me saying they are contemplating suicide because they don't want to see the world end. I think when you lie on the internet and scare children in order to make a buck, that is ethically wrong." So, you know: oops.)

Another question: are we all going to die in a couple of years in the year 2012?