SF Appeal brings it to our attention that smarmy San Francisco-based (located on Maiden Lane, specifically) "independent integrated marketing communications company," Criswell and Associates, earned about $700K in the past couple of months producing anti-same-sex marriage ads for Stand For Marriage Maine with the help of SF production company Coyote Films.

Apparently, instead of creating TV spots in Maine with real people, like their pro-gay marriage counterparts did, they had been flying actors out to California, who were given scripts spouting the same false propaganda that the Prop 8 people did -- that if gay marriage were made legal, kids would be taught about homosexuality in schools. They also bought up ads on pro-gay marriage sites via Google AdSense, like the Prop 8 people did.

The folks at Criswell and Associates have failed to respond to SF Appeal's numerous phone calls, so if anyone out there has any questions for them, feel free to reach out. Bill Criswell and Alan Randolph at 58 Maiden Lane, 2nd Floor, (415) 398-2220, or email Bill at [email protected].