Where does one go to figure out what to do with the rest of their life? If you're former gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom, you go to Hawaii. CBS 5's Joe Vazquez has first word that the San Francisco Mayor "left the city Tuesday to spend the rest of the week in Hawaii following his decision to drop out of the California governor's race."

Supe. Carmen Chu has been acting as mayor while Newsom and his family sup on poi and bananas. She will rule us all until midnight on Sunday.

Newsom, according to Matier & Ross, who picked up on the story today, didn't give spokesman Nathan Ballad any warning. "Mayoral spokesman Nathan Ballard apparently was among those who did not get a heads-up about the trip," M&R report. "Just an hour before Newsom's plane took off, Ballard was peppered with questions about Newsom's absence from former Mayor Willie Brown's election morning breakfast."

The duo go on to report that during Newsom's final days of campaigning, he had some sort of guru at his side the entire time, a guy described as a "life coach" and "corporate facilitator."

Newsom hasn't made any public appearances or granted any media interviews since last Friday's announcement. No word yet as to when he plans on returning to the mainland and getting back to work.

In all fairness, though, he must be exhausted, crestfallen. The sojourn sounds much-needed; one that will, hopefully, will do him some good.