Yep. It's still closed.

What are people saying about the third consecutive day without a Bay Bridge? Well, ABC7 reports "Caltrans has officially said the Bay Bridge will not reopen Friday morning. There is some hope that will reopen by this afternoon."

SF Appeal says, "Caltrans crews are working to reopen the Bay Bridge as quickly as possible, with a goal of reopening the span sometime on Friday."

At KRON 4, Darya Folsom seems to be losing her well-sustained pep over the bridge closure. Her hair, however, remains luxurious and nothing short of perfection.

SFGate reports, "Repair crews were still on the bridge at 6:30 a.m. fitting and cutting steel" and "electric devices that monitor vibration and structural movement will be affixed to the repair to warn of failure." Modern!

SF Weekly injects humor Twitter fail whale humor into the situation.

KTVU illuminates, "Dale Bonner, secretary of the state Business, Transportation and Housing Agency, was also cautious to not give commuters false hope when he told a packed news conference that 'it's very difficult to say when' the span will reopen."

And finally, here at SFist HQ in SOMA, your editor overslept due the absence of din coming from the Bay Bridge this morning.