Three teenagers allegedly involved in the Richmond High School homecoming dance gang rape -- where a 15-year-old girl was beaten and raped on school grounds for at least two and a half hours, due in part to the school's lack of security -- could, hopefully, spend the rest of their lives in prison. According to KTVU, they will be "charged as adults with an enhanced rape count."

A Contra Costa County Deputy district attorney filed charges yesterday against Manuel Ortega, 19, and three unidentified juveniles. Richmond resident Salvador Rodriguez, 21, has yet to face charges. KTVU reports:

A friend of Rodriguez's told KTVU Wednesday that the victim was given alcohol by her attackers once she reached the alley.

"They had liquor there," said the friend, who asked not to be identified. "She got way too drunk and she fell out [passed out] and that's when they took advantage. He left when she passed out."

The friend claimed Rodriguez did return after the assault and attempted to help the girl.

"When he came back, it was after the girl had been raped," the friend said. "He was trying to help her. He helped her up and put his shirt on her. When the police showed up, his first instinct was to run. He's basically a petty criminal."

Also, during an "emotional" school board meeting last night, a female Richmond High School student slammed the board for the security measures, or lack thereof..

"At the dance, there were four officers -- none of them patrolling the area. I looked outside of the gym and I saw 12-15 guys sitting there with no (student) IDs," she told the committee. "The officers not only did they not check the IDs of those students or men sitting outside of our campus, but the security officers who are employed here do no job checking. The assistant principal looked outside and saw those men, but he did nothing about it.

The gang rape, if you recall, was witnessed by an estimated 20 adults, students, and passersby who did nothing to stop the attack.