With the Bay Bridge out of commission "indefinitely," doesn't that mean there'll be far fewer East Bay teenagers coming to the city for Halloween and therefore fewer events of the stabbing/shooting variety? After watching the (somewhat lackluster) Halloween episode of Trauma the other night, in which the Castro is talked up as the biggest Halloween party destination in the world, we feel like maybe it's time for some impromptu planning. Sure, there's always BART... but why can't we reclaim our big, crazy holiday party in the face of such transportation adversity? All we know about right now (apart from dozens of individual parties) is this Embarcadero FlashDance, but we'll be sure and let you know if we hear of anything else.

CLARIFICATION: This post does not reflect the opinions of SFist in general, but merely represents the momentary musings of the author, Jay, who is himself an LGBT person who lived for five years in the East Bay. It reflects no racist sentiment, but rather the emotional response of many who enjoyed Halloween in the Castro before it began to feel like a place for outer Bay Area teenagers (and some from SF as well) to come and gawk, get drunk, and fight with each other. The end.