No, not this. Nor this. And certainly not this.

This is what we're looking for this Halloween season. After you've carefully assembled your seamlessly executed Halloween costume -- one that you thought of in a moment of sheer genius -- be sure to snap a picture of it and send it to SFist. Then, on November 1, we'll post your picture(s)on the site. Fame is just a photo away, people, so get shooting.

Also: maybe we'll have some sort of first-place award, giving a nifty gift to the most creative outfit. You can even send us images of your wee ones rocking out their festive costumes -- SFist is a family-friendly zone too; well, for some kinds of families, anyway.

Send your images to editor[at] along with a name and explanation of said costume(s).

If you still haven't come up with costume, here's a decent list of Halloween costume stores in San Francisco to help get you started.