This couldn't come at a better time, and leave it to a snapped eastern span Bay Bridge cable to make us find this: Baynewser reported just two weeks back about a joint venture between McSweeney's and the Public Press to examine (in old school investigative journalist style) and report on the whole Bay Bridge fiasco. The project to build a new eastern span is 6 BILLION DOLLARS over budget and already ABOUT A DECADE LATE, and honestly, today's event should be enough to make everyone who uses this bridge majorly fucking furious. It wasn't even an earthquake and that wasn't even a suspension span!

The Public Press/McSweeney's non-profit project (which you can, and should, donate $4 to today here) is looking to fund the hiring of an independent investigative reporter, a structural engineering expert, and a line editor to produce a broadsheet newspaper piece on this very subject to be distributed nationwide. Think of it as your first step in remembering (and financially supporting) the need for good investigative journalism in moments when we're being fleeced and misinformed at our own peril.

Anyway THX. Sorry to get all righteous and whatever. But srsly. Donate.

UPDATE: It's been confirmed that this investigative piece will be published online, and it will be included in the McSweeney's Issue 33, the newspaper issue. The day it prints, November 13th, the McSweeney's folks will be out on the streets of SF selling copies.