Trailing behind Jerry Brown in both the polls and fundraising, one might assume SF Mayor Gavin Newsom would bow out at this point. Not so. Even though rumors are swirling -- swirling! -- that Gavin will either a) drop out of the gubernatorial race to focus on bettering San Francisco, or b) leave the race and instead run for Lieutenant Governor on Brown's ticket, this just isn't the case. At least, so says Team Newsom.

Yesterday, Gavin Newsom denied rumors that he plans on abandoning the California Governor's race. “You [reporters] have to put to rest the absurdity,” Newsom said at an unrelated event this afternoon, reports the Examiner. “It’s Jerry Brown who is putting those rumors out, and you guys shouldn’t be taking the bait on that.”

But! According to City Insider, said rumors are coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE! Gavin's very own "friends," allegedly, are the ones suggesting that he plans on dropping out of the race, says Team Brown.

In related news, the Ex goes points out that this month's Clinton-Newsom fundraiser in Los Angeles "did not prove fruitful for the mayor," with fewer than expected donations culled in for the campaign. Newsom campaign manager Mick Clemons, however, denies this claim.