by Ryan Robles

Imagine if Cherie Currie and Suzi Quatro decided to move into together. Now, imagine if they had ti make ends meet by opening up their closets to the public, which also included the floor scores of past boyfriends, roadies, and late-night randoms who they’ve partied with throughout the years. Sprinkle in a pinch of Fleetwood Mac, smoke a little pot -- and you have CC Rider SF. A bad-ass bohemian treasure chest chock-full of vintage dresses, leather jackets, and feathered jewelry and accessories - items Stevie Nicks would have worn as a badge of honor.

Store owner Lien Gray has created a loving homage to the halcyon days of American rock 'n' roll specifically, one she created for rock 'n' roll enthusiasts, vintage lovers, style junkies, and cult aficionados.

The CC Rider SF boutique aesthetic? Seemingly simple enough: antlers, seventies rock albums, and a collection of books your hippie parents probably once owned sandwiched between racks and shelves of hand-picked vintage pieces. Bag Lady favorites: Taxi CDC’s reworked vintage dresses, and Worn Free’s reproduced original tees famously worn by seventies rock legends. It’s like Dazed and Confused, but totally focused and concentrated.

CC Rider SF also has a blog where they post interesting music and art related events, and CC-related happenings in the area. They also plan on launching an online store soon. Oh, and there is also a photo on their website of Grimus (yes, Barney’s drag mother), snacking on a little boy’s head. Don’t ask. Don’t judge. Just check it out...and thank us later.

We asked owner Lien Gray a few questions. She talked to us about her store, style and what makes her neighborhood so good for her and her business.