It's time to haul out those handy, dandy slop buckets, boys and girls. Starting tomorrow all residents and businesses in San Francisco will be required to start composting or face fines for improperly sorted garbage. Keep an eye open for the arrival of green bins alongside your blue and black bins in which you can dump "anything that used to be alive" along with coffee filters, greasy old pizza boxes, yard trimmings, and a plethora of other fine compostables that will be rotted down into "nutrient-rich soil that helps produce the organic food and wine that San Francisco is famous for." Blessed be!

Don't have a slop bucket of your own in which to dump the scraps you'll be hauling out to the all-you-can-eat rat buffet out back? No problem. SF Recycling is offering free decorative kitchen pails to all SF residents. Contact them to get one of your very own. Happy composting!