We're biased. We love us some Kamala Harris. She's pretty. She has the loveliest hair we've seen since we last looked into a mirror. She will temporarily stop an interview to give the proper pronunciation if the reporter fucks up her name. And, arguably, she's been a might fine DA. (Aside: You can sign up for a new SFist commenter account here.) While Harris has been criticized for being a bit of a softy (i.e., she refuses to take part in state-sanction murders in order to appease the Nancy Graces of the world), Harris scored a major endorsement today from a tough-on-crime kind of guy.

LA Chief of Police William J. Bratton -- noted for being "the only person ever to serve as chief executive of the Los Angeles and the New York police departments," so unlike us, he probably doesn't consider hair shine, bounce and volume into consideration when casting his vote -- endorsed Harris in her run for California Attorney General, reports CBS 5/BCN.

"As a career prosecutor with a proven track record of innovation and success, Kamala Harris knows what it takes to effective fight crime and keep out streets safe," Bratton chirped. "I know that when Kamala Harris is California's next attorney general, everyone in law enforcement - from police chiefs and sheriffs to the cops who walk the beat - will have an ally in California's attorney general."