What with Christmas and Hanukkah right around the coroner, this Muni bus is the perfect gift for the holiday season. Starting out at $2,300.00 on eBay, this 1984 articulated 60-ft MAN bus began life carrying passengers throughout the streets of San Francisco before being hauled down to SoCal to star in the movie The Italian Job and a couple of other small television bit parts. This Muni bus is still in its original condition, complete with of-its-era colors, logos, and original roll signs.

Ideal usage:

  • Make it your very own rogue VIP bus, picking up passengers at your discretion
  • The perfect gift for that special someone with whom who you want to spend the rest of your life, but don't want to rush into anything just yet
  • Low-income, luxury housing (a Muni seat is still more spacious than a Cubix pod)
  • Only you can restore the 74

Place your bid today.

(Thanks goes out to our new favorite Twitter feed, Muni Alerts, for tipping us off.)