Protest-fetish protest group CodePink -- a social circle whose members wear pink feather boas and zany hats while shouting -- will be in Union Square tonight, protesting President Barack Obama's visit. According to Appeal.BCN. CodePink"will ask the president to commit to an exit strategy from Afghanistan." Also, they will display a banner in Union Square, "while a Code Pink member will try to deliver petitions to the president inside the fundraiser." Outrageous.

Other protest groups wringing their hands in Union Square this evening while Obama eats fancy food at the St. Francis Hotel: Single Payer Now, who "plans to have doctors, nurses and health care reform activists across the street from the hotel demanding national single-payer health care," and a group called the Stop NAFTA/CAFTA Coalition, who will ask the president "to end the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Central American Free Trade Agreement, which the group says have increased poverty and inequality."