In a sign that the recession might -- might! -- be over, Google CEO Eric Schmidy and the lovely/talented/benevolent Sergey Brin told reports this morning that the company is partying like it's 1999. That is to say, according to Ryan Tate at Valleywag, "the Mountain View, California company is through with its recent belt-tightening, which included layoffs and cutbacks in the company's famously posh perquisites."

What's more, Google plans on "increasing [their] hiring rate and investment rate in an anticipation of a recovery," said Schmidt.

Triple-threat genius Brin went on to add, "And we're good indicator for consumer spending, and you can see for yourself by looking at Google Trends."

Although the national unemployment rate (9.8%) and real economist Alan Greenspan -- who says the economy is only going to get worse -- claim otherwise, would you disagree with this? Didn't think so.

Oh, and to look at a list of available gigs at Google, go here.