We brought this up in yesterday's Day Around the Bay, but this newfangled holiday sounds so special, it deserves its very own post. What are we talking about? Newsom's lovely hair. Going back to the days when SF Weekly used to pull public stunts, the folks at China Basin devised the first ever "Comb Your Hair Like Gavin Newsom Day," happening this Friday.

We are totally behind this. A few reasons why:

  • Newsom's birthday is coming up, and this is a special way to celebrate our mayor
  • His hair is, arguably, kind of cool-looking; this will give some men in SF their very first opportunity to comb, style their lovely locks
  • Newsom's hair is, inarguably, great hair, which is why he can style it the way he does
  • Any day that celebrates hair is a red-letter day

Remember, Newsom uses L'Oreal Studio Line Total Control Clean Gel. But this product only works on medium to fine hair if you want Gavin's swept-back look. If your locks are particularly thick and wavy, you'll need to purchase a strong pomade -- e.g., Murray's Pomade. (Murray's is thick and sticky -- so it's great for conditioning -- but go here to learn more about washing it out.)

Note: you don't want you hairdo to look like Gordon Gekko or Pat Riley, per se. You'll want a bit of volume and lift to your hair. After combing it back, carefully run your fingers through your hair one time to give it a slightly more organic look, the same look Gavin boasts.

"Comb Your Hair Like Gavin Newsom Day" happens Friday, October 9. Read more about it here.