Taking a cue from American Idol, team Newsom is having a contest where you, the voter, get to decide which logo will represent Gavin Newsom's crapshoot for Governor of California.

Part of Newsom Campaign Manager Nick Clemons' over-excited press release reads:

Our campaign is about creating a new direction for California and bringing much needed reforms to Sacramento. We want to highlight this in our logo, too.

How you campaign says a lot about how you will govern, once elected. So we’re going to do things differently. Usually, the process of deciding on a campaign logo is a big, guarded secret. Well, not this time.

We put together a group of six different logos on our website and your vote will determine the official Gavin Newsom campaign logo.

That said, please pick the red one. It is, for lack of a better word, dramatic -- very red China, Manchurian Candidate. That, and the other ones are ugly, clinical, and blue-ish. (Newsom needs to get away from blue, the preferred color for politicians.)

Vote here.