Get ready for the ninth circle of Hell, persons in charge of the Milo Foundation Shelter in San Rafael. Because you screwed up. It seems, according to CBS 5, the North Bay animal shelter was shut down due to horrible conditions after a Thursday morning surprise inspection.

According to CBS 5's Ann Notarangelo, "The Marin Humane Society shut down the facility, which adopts out cats and dogs, after finding what they say were animals living in their own filth." Captain Cindy Machado of the Humane Society said there weren't enough workers, some animals had contagious diseases and were exposed to healthy animals. She said the facility was permitted for 10 dogs and had well over 40." 40?! Yeah, that's unacceptable.

OK, fine. We're being a b\it hard here. The folks who ran the place, presumably, had the animals' best interest in mind. Initially, anyway. (After all, Milo does do great work.) But, really, if you notice Rover sleeping in his own shit, something is amiss.

Watch the full report on the animal shelter's shut down. Waring: it will give you the blues.

Also, KTVU goes deeper, reporting on the extent of the shelter's conditions. "What we found were layers and layers of greasy grime, fur and feces caked on cage wiring, in the drain, on the floor, on the walls," said Captain Cindy Machado of the Marin Humane Society. "Granted, in their minds we caught them on a bad day. In our mind, it was months and weeks of improper cleaning protocols."