The kids at Northgate High School in Walnut Creek had a money-making scheme this past weekend. One that, for better or for worse, involved the school's water polo team wearing only regulation Speedos, standing on a street corner, and luring passersby.

Now that we have your attention, this car wash benefit, at right, has stirred much controversy. It seems before Saturday's incident, area girls -- underage women, mind you -- have done the same thing, too, in high school-fundraising efforts.

Hm. Anyway.

The Mayor of Claycord, who writes one of the finest blogs on the other side of the Bay, posed a question: "High school kids standing on a busy street corner while wearing speedos, is it inappropriate, or just a harmless way to promote a high school water polo team's fundraiser?"

What say you, readers? Are you OK with a business model that uses high schoolers' budding sex parts as a way to raise funds? Is it OK for schools, just like Disney, to prostitute their underage students for cash?

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