Speaking of fuzzy hats... It's been dubbed LovEvolution this year, but it's all the same shit. Nostalgia for 90s-rave-era fashion, combined with deep house beats and nostalgia for 60s-era peace, love and body paint -- all reveled in by teenagers who are too young to remember either. Well, them and at least A DOZEN fully naked, middle-aged men who looked like they just wandered out of the dungeon they've been in since Folsom Street Fair just to get their picture taken with some kids. Seriously, guys -- half of these girls and boys are, like, twelve! Put some clothes on! We couldn't even stomach taking pics of the nudists, but here's some general sense of the day-drinking, dancing, and drugging that paraded up Market Street toward the afternoon rave at Civic Center.

7:45 PM UPDATE - *MAJOR* shitshow at Civic Center BART/Muni right now. The cold blew on in, everyone's coming down and shivering in their skivvies. It looked like they'd locked the Muni gates and were otherwise preventing the crowd to move through, or else they were too effed up to figure out the whole making change thing. Anyhow, see more pics at this Flickr Pool.