FILM: The San Francisco Zen Center hosts an evening of food, literature, and film with Alix Lambert. Lambert's new book, The Silencing, is a bi-lingual case account of six murdered Russian journalists, paired with photos of the murder sites and first-person accounts of the journalists' work and life. Her documentary, The Mark of Cain, details the role of tattoos in Russia’s criminal world, using them as a device by which to examine the role of prisons and of crime in Russia.

6 to 8 p.m. // San Francisco Zen Center (300 Page St) // $10 (suggested donation)

THEATER: Philip Kan Gotanda presents his fifth work in his celebrated Garage Band Series, #5 Angry Red Drum, the story of two world-refugees determined to survive with style amidst a post-apocalyptic universe gone mad. When a mysterious drum appears, it awakens their lost memories and inspires them to create a new society. The play features a live original sound score using traditional and found instruments, "misremembered fragments" of Bob Dylan lyrics, and post-post-post modern dance.

5 p.m. // Thick House (1695 18th St) // $25