An influx of sea lions at Pier 39 has resulted in the need for more docks. According to SF Examiner, around 1,500 of them "are piled on top of each other on the docks," which is "not only a record-breaking number of the massive creatures at the pier, it’s also three times more than normal." But this spurt isn't just happening in SF. The California coast, it seems, has seen a boom in sea lion growth this year. (Yay!)

With this increase in barking lions, the Ex goes on to report, the Marine Mammal Center "is preparing for a busy rescue season and has more than 800 volunteers for its triage centers. Since August, the marine center has picked up about 80 sea lions for things like being malnourished and broken fins."

Anyway, the city plans on building more docks for the critters so that they have room to spread out while sun bathing.