Capt. Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger -- the Danville pilot turned hero, who safely landed his U.S. Airways plane into the Hudson River after birds got sucked into the engines -- has decided to return to work. In addition to taking to the skies again, Sully "will also join the Tempe, Arizona-based airline's safety management team." A well-deserved promotion, indeed.

As to when, exactly, Sully will return to flying status isn't yet known. (Can airlines make pilots' flight schedules public? Because his flights would sell out in seconds.) If you recall, Sullenberger saved 155 lives aboard the Airbus A320.

Sullenberger, we should point out, was born an Aquarius. This, of course, explains his quick reactions on January, 15 2009, as well as his overall awesome disposition and extreme success as a human being.