Eater brings us word that Mission district ice cream it girl Humphry Slocombe experienced its very first Yelp bullying. (Aw. You always remember your first.) Humphry Slocombe's Twitter message describes the assault: "Our 1st Yelper shakedown! Yelp girls to me: 'We're gonna order then yelp about it-what discount can you give us?' Me: 'Your joking right?'" The Yelp girls were immediately clocked across the face, then tossed out of the establishment. OK, not really. Because that would be mean and illegal. But, wow, that's pretty ballsy, Yelpers. Hopefully, Humphry Slocombe gave them the boot. Shameless, people. Really. That said, any other local business out there experience this kind of abuse from (alleged) Yelp users? If so, did you cave in?