Hello. Today is the anniversary of the day when hijackers crashed four commercial planes into the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and the ground in Pennsylvania. That is to say, today is 9/11. Did you forget? Because you shouldn't. Ever.

As expected, the banner of names has gone up at AT&T Park, President Barack Obama gave a speech about it, urging Americans to unite, and conspiracy theorists continue to spin wild tales about who is responsible for it.

Since 9/11 has been hailed as the JFK-ish moment for the non-boomer generation, what we want to know is: where were you on September 11, 2001? Former President George Bush, at right, was, well, doing very little.

Us? We were on an extraordinarily silent BART train to get to work at China Basin, before being sent home for the day wherein we consumed mass quantities of donuts while sitting in front of the television.

Tell us, where were you on that day? Because, really, you knew this post was coming.