San Francisco -- being like that pretty girl who sits by herself in the lunchroom and doesn't get a ton of attention outside her AP classes -- gets excited when she's given a chance to shine in the prime time limelight. But NBC's Trauma which premieres in two weeks and which we've all watched in the making here in SF all summer long, may not be long for this world. SF Citizen points us to this blurb by a NY Daily News critic who's had a sneak peak at the show and writes it off saying "we've all seen this before." There's also this poll on HubDub in which people have placed Trauma second only to Accidentally on Purpose as being one of the first new shows likely to get canceled this season. (SF Citizen also points to the irony of our city being one of the only ones without a hospital helipad or medical helicopter trauma unit largely due to the efforts of these rich NIMBYs.)

We at SFist feel no one should underestimate the American public's appetite for vapid procedural dramas involving explosions and blood, but maybe that's cynical of us. We at least want the show to survive long enough to air the nightclub trampling episode involving multiple local drag queens which was shot last week at Great American Music Hall.