Yesterday, rumors were swirling like a tweaker with glo-sticks that Energy 92.7, the city's preferred dance station with a gay bent, will come to an end. Turns out said rumors are, sadly, true. While calls to 92.7 have gone unanswered, word is that the station's new owner is a homophoobic meanie who stomps on puppies and rainbows. Or something like that.

According to SF Examiner's Eric Ross, there was "a big rumor going around [yesterday] that the new owner of Energy 92.7 is very homophobic and he fired a lot of the employees at the radio station." What's more, he compiled exhaustive Facebook research on the subject at hand. Here is just a sample of what went down yesterday:

Energy 92.7 FM Dear fans, we just got the word. 7pm is the end of Energy 92.7. Thank you all for your support. You have been the greatest listeners a radio station could ever have! We love you. Keep dancing.

Energy 92.7 FM The Energy still lives! Keep it rocking until they pull the plug. It's out of our hands now. We love you all and appreciate your comments today. We'll see you at The Lookout tomorrow for our final Energy event from 5-9pm.

Energy 92.7 FM We are over everyone. We love you all. Please come party with us tomorrow at The Lookout from 5pm to 9pm with the entire Energy staff. We appreciate you all.

Energy 92.7 FM Thank you everyone for the kind words and memories. It is a sad day for radio, for dance music, for the LGBT community, for our staff, and for YOU, the listeners. Join us for our last event tonight at The Lookout from 5pm to 9pm. We'll be handing out all the rest of our Energy shirts, and we would love for you to be there with us for one last hurrah!

So, there you have it. Energy 92.7 is dead. Word is that it will it's gone Top 40. Which is great since we cannot get enough of Cyrus' ouvre.