New York publication of note Vice -- that glossy, in-your-face magazine that features stinky Brooklynites wearing too-tight clothing and interviews with depressed music bands -- has come out with a very special San Francisco issue. In addition to featuring an interview with (former?) San Francisco resident Chis Daly ("If San Francisco were a giant, sprawling asshole, Chris Daly would be the inflamed hemorrhoid that just won’t go away"), they have an adorable neighborhood section (which balls out blows away 7x7 Magazine's bizarre and questionable neighborhood issue), a brilliant slam of Baghdad by the Bay that reads us to filth ("Would you like to be part of an entire social movement to extinguish and gentrify a once cosmically diverse metropolis?"), and of course, a section on our city's sourdough bead-like famous gay population. Be sure to pick up a copy at your nearest dive bar/compact disc resale store. Or, better yet, check it out online.