Today's guest blogger? Why, it's Melissa Griffin of Sweet Melissa and SF Examiner. Melissa was kind enough to do this for us during the Labor Day holiday. Thusly: we now owe her 657832112 cocktails of gratitude.

It's all yours, Mel.

  • Top 10 ways to observe Labor Day. (Hug an overpaid city employee isn't among them. [SF Weekly]
  • "Opportunity" to be a watchdog on the City Grand Jury that requires long hours for a pittance and whose "findings" are used as City Hall toilet paper is having a hard time recruiting participants. Weird. Perhaps that should be the subject of their next report. [SFGate]

  • Former First Lady of SF Kimmie Guilfoyle obviously has a bog ol' crush on Van Jones. (In related news, when reached for comment, current First Lady Siebel offered that "Brown Eyed Girl" is one of her favorite songs.) [SFBG]

  • San Franciscans love (at least the appearance of) collaboration. This looks like a cool concept. [The Public Record]

  • I love the Commonwealth Club, so I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for
    this bit of embarrassment. [SFCitizen]

  • The Restroom Taskforce should sell t-shirts. And use code names. [Examiner]