FILM: Director Duncan Jones (David Bowie's son) pays homage to classic sci-fi films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner in the acclaimed Moon. Sam Rockwell stars as a solitary astronaut who's been isolated on the moon for three years and desperate to see his family again. As the end of his contract nears, odd things start to happen. The film shows through tomorrow night and has a special 2 p.m. screening tomorrow afternoon.

7:15, 9:25 // Red Vic Moviehouse (1727 Haight St) // $6-9

SCIENCE: This month's installment of Ask a Scientist brings you a Tour of Your Brain. Aubrey Gilbert, neuroscientist and medical student, gives an overview of how the nervous system works, and perhaps even more interesting, what happens when it doesn't. The talk will also cover animals who can sleep one half of their brains at a time, blind people who can see, what the two hemispheres of your brain are really saying to each other, and the tricks your mind is playing on you every day.

7 p.m. // Axis Cafe (1201 8th St) // free