New details have emerged in the kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Dugard, who was kept hidden inside an Antioch home for 18 years. It seems Dugard helped her captor, Philip Garrido, run a small printing business from inside the home. According to NBC Bay Area, "Garrido's printing business customers described Dugard as a polite and efficient aide who straightened out orders on the phone and by email." Experts claim that Dugard never made a run for it due to fear/identifying with Garrido and his wife. One customer, Carla Kirkland, described Garrido as suffering from schizophrenia. "Just knowing the weirdness and the bizarre literature he would leave," Kirkland says, "the things he would say and singing songs. Now that I look back I think -- something was definitely wrong." Garrido is now being treated as a suspect in a series of unsolved Antioch murders. In related news, people have been venting their anger at Garrido on his loopy website. What with Garrido locked in the clink now, those rants are falling on deaf ears. Oh, and Antioch, it seems, is a haven for registered sex offenders.