Myth, Militarism + Man Boy Love -- say what? The "Asians Art Museum" have taken quite the piss out of the museum that bears the same name but without the surreptitious "s." Satirical phrases that pepper the front page, such as, "where more than seven centuries of martial rule are reduced to a single Disney-like trope of gentleman-warrior myth," "Better Ceramics through Slavery," "Let the gleam of naked swordblades transport you to a time when samurai used them to slice noses off of an estimated 38,000 victims," and "Say 'Konnichiwa' to Samurai Soft Power," have us wishing this were a real museum. Eyes on Blogs has gotten the scoop that Ernie from 8Asians is interviewing the creators of the Asians Art Museum today, so keep an eye out for it. Update: The interview is up! [Via 8Asians, Eyes on Blogs]