Although Julie Chen described Russell as being a "Mixed Martial Arts Fighter from San Francisco," this hot-tempered Commercial Real Estate Broker from Walnut Creek was evicted from the Big Brother house last night by a unanimous 3-0 vote. San Francisco, Walnut Creek. Same difference, right Julie? (Since she's from Queens, we're guessing she frequently tells people she's from Manhattan.)

Russell was a controversial BB guest, often unleashing personal attacks on the other house guests, calling Michelle crazy and saying she needs drugs, telling Jeff he's stupid. Can you blame cauliflower ears him though, living in that hamster cage, being called a terrorist by actual psychotic house guest Chima (who was kicked off the show for destroying her microphone)? It was a below-the-belt racist comment as Russell is of Lebonese decent, but we do not condone his lashing out at poor, sweet Jordon, calling her "fatty" and telling her to "go eat some cookie dough." That's just mean.

What say you, Bay Area? Who do you want to win? Who couldn't giving a flying you-know-what? Most of you, we're guessing.