A Muni proposal is underway to "establish a 291 feet long Bus Terminus at Union & Fillmore," which we think it a might fine idea. Improvements to public transportation like this should be a top priority. But merchants in the Cow Hollow are up in arms. Why? Because they lack clarity. Proving to be as inane as Geary merchants (who, time after time, fail to see the bigger picture, resulting in years of curably crippled traffic) and Valencia business owners (elitists of the very worst kind), Union Street businesses worry that the "bendy" buses will ruin their precious gem of a neighborhood. The NIMBY's harrowing press release on the subject, which can be found in its entirety at SFCitizen, is a regular hoot.

With the small inn already struggling to survive in a bruising economy it is inconceivable to think that Muni would even consider removing five revenue-earning meters directly outside the Inn in order to make way for a totally inappropriate, peace-disturbing terminus that would start operation at 5 am and continue throughout the day.

Fist-shaking meetings and garish protest signs over "revenue-earning" parking meters? Unbelievable. Yet believable.

As one Curbed commenter points out, "[t]he stockton corridor needs the longer buses more then the Union St merchants need to cling to their outdated car-dependent illusions." An appeal for divine intervention by Supervisor Alioto-Pier, the NIMBYs go on to complain, "has, as yet, only elicited a polite formal response from a Legislative Assistant." (Which: good for her. Say what you will about Alioto-Pier, she's one of the smarter ones sitting on the board.)