Oh boy. We just got work from Dennis Herrera's office that the SF Department of Health will come down hard on over three hundred San Francisco restaurants today, invalidating their food safety certifications. According to the City Attorney's Office, "the San Francisco Department of Public Health (DPH) will be notifying 345 San Francisco restaurants that their certification for food safety managers will no longer be recognized as valid as a result of inappropriate testing and certification procedures." Oops. The City Attorney's Office goes on to say, "Officials from DPH also informed state and county public health authorities throughout California of at least 183 additional restaurants outside of San Francisco whose certifications are similarly affected. Another 78 certifications whose holders list no address have also been identified."

While the food safety certification takesies-backsies doesn't allege any "wrongdoing or immediate food safety problems on the part of restaurants or individual certificate holders," it does mean that "affected certificate holders must be recertified." (That is to say, don't stress about where you plan on having lunch today.) See, Herrera's investigation, the official press release goes on to say,"found that numerous Food Safety Certifications had been issued to individuals who never actually took the examination. Other examinees were given the correct answers during the course of the exam, and in still other instances test materials and correct answers were shared with examinees before the test was administered."

Herrera's investigation into SF food safety remains ongoing. So, you now, let's try to be on ourbest behavior, SF food vendors.

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