On a Southwest flight bound for St. Louis yesterday, a mentally-estranged gentleman whipped out his penis, punched a female passenger sitting next to him, and then disrobed. Egads. According to Mercury News, it was quite the scene. Coming in at "a good 300 pounds," the man, who was wearing an Oakland A's baseball cap, "had hit a lady in the mouth," recounts passenger Jim Scanlon, who was lucky enough witness what went down. "He was yelling but not making any sense. Then he hit or slapped another woman who was sitting next to her husband, and he hit him on the top of the head. A flight attendant came running up the aisle, but he faked a swing at her, and she ran back to the back of the plane," he said. "Another two crew members came toward him. He was totally out of his gourd." No kidding. After nearby passengers tried to calm the distraught man, he got naked. Of course. (Don't believe us? Take a look at this picture snapped by a passenger.) The flight was then rerouted back to Oakland Airport. Darius Chappille, 21, who had an "outstanding arrest warrant on drug-related," was taken unto custody.