North Beach strip club Heaven, the strip/prostitute club that had City Attorney Dennis Herrera (rightfully) slammed as "a public nuisance, having allegedly violated city codes and having been cited for prostitution," was ordered to cease operations starting today. According to SF Appeal, "In a release sent by his office, Herrera says 'Today's ruling should send a message to other would-be operators of illegal businesses that even Heaven is subject to temporal laws here in San Francisco.... It's regrettable that this business chose to expend so much effort to flout the law rather than to follow it, and that a preliminary injunction was necessary to shut it down.'" Will other strip club that allow whoring (i.e., most all of them) fall like dominoes? Only time will tell. If you recall, the owner of Heaven, Peter Lambertson, says that the only reason his club was targeted was because he didn't pony up freebies to "patrons who identified themselves as off-duty officers asked to be comped on extras" -- i.e., receiving sex for free.