by Chris Jones

Turns out that an attorney representing some married gays in a federal court case for marriage equality has his own nefarious yet completely insane reasons for taking on this case - splitting California into two floundering pieces!

“We’re hoping to use the case in court as a springboard to get a proposition on the ballot that will break up California into two states,” said Richard C. Gilbert, a partner at Gilbert & Marlowe, a law firm with two offices in California. “We think if we can get this proposition on the ballot, we think we’ll win.”

Crazy Gilbert goes on to claim that “we just want to have civil division in our state between people who are willing to respect the rights of all people and those who are not.” Right. Because that always ends well.

Gilbert thinks all counties north of Los Angeles County just love the gay marriage, so they will get to be "New California" while everything south will get to be "Old California," because obviously gay hate is confined to the beige stucco plantation in historic old Irvine or wherever.

Clearly Mr Gilbert has never spent any time in exotic places like Bakersfield, Fresno, and Yuba City, soon to be relegated to gay loving New California. Think it's too much to ask that one of these days we get one of these nutty state splitters who actually knows and understands the political divides in California? *Sigh*

[Ed. Note: This federal case is not to be confused with THE federal case regarding Prop 8 which is convening today at the 9th Circuit for the judge to decide if several gay groups or the City of SF should become parties in the case.]