The looming BART strike, which has been a verbal threat every since union negotiations crumbled, might be a distinct possibility. More of a distinct possibility, that is, than we thought earlier. This afternoon, the BART board voted to implement "terms and conditions," which means they basically forced a contract on the Amalgamated Transit Union. But just this morning, Jessee Hunt, the head of the union (a union filled with BART train operators), had said if the board decided to force a contract, then they would strike. So, while an official announcement has not been made, they're having a press conference at 4 p.m. today. Also. although the other unions agreed to the contract, they can't picket; but they won't cross the picket lines, so... no one will go to work. And the strike will cripple Bay Area transportation as you know it. A 72-hour warning will go into effect, which could mean--at last--a BART strike would rain down on Monday. (Gulp.)

Update: After speaking at this afternoon's press conference, ATU union head Jesse Hunt announced that there will be a strike "Sunday evening at the close of approximately 72 hours." It is done. It is official. If you take BART, you will need to find an alternative route come Monday morning. If you take Muni, expect a jam-packed ride. This strike will affect most of our lives next week. Get ready.