Packaged in 48-count iced cartons, iced jumbo green onions, branded under the Omo and Fu Choy names, are being recalled as a precautionary measure due to the possible presence of Salmonella. The iffy onions were sent to three U.S. locations: R.A.M. Produce Distributors of Detroit, Michigan, Franzella Distributing of San Francisco, CA, and United Food Service of East Point, GA. According to PRNewswire, "58 cartons were shipped from two distributors to small grocery outlets in the Detroit and San Francisco areas."

Some of you might have purchased the green onions from two Good Life Grocery locations (448 Cortland Avenue and 1524 20th Street) or El Grande Grocery & Produce (2214 Clement Street) in SF. If you did, please return them immediately.

Read the PRNewswire press release on the recall in its entirety.