In a decision that is probably wise and shouldn't be too shocking, Equality California announced today that they will put off the ballot fight for gay marriage until 2012, rather than going for it in the mid-term elections next year. The idea here is that not only do more people go to the polls in presidential elections, but there will be a greater change in "voter rolls" in 3 years.

That translates as more of the old people who don't like gay marriage will be dead, and more of the enlightened young folks will be of voting age by then, hopefully tipping the balance from the close vote over Prop 8. Of course, in the unlikely event that that federal lawsuit over Prop 8 gets in front of the Supreme Court by then, this could all be moot -- either for better or for worse. Equality California's full report is here, and the Bay Area Reporter is noting how this may have just come down to a lack of donor funds.