NBC Bay Area has pointed us today, for reasons not entirely clear to their news gathering mission, to this blog via a brief piece titled "Where Have San Francisco's Beautiful Women Gone?" The site boasts Thrillist and the Adam Carolla Podcast on their blogroll, so you get the picture. It's basically a twentysomething guy (we think) -- under the pseudonym Samuel Snodgrass, age 77 -- riffing on various theories as to why he can't score a date and why, allegedly, there are "no girls in San Francisco." He provides this concise analysis regarding the bicoastal debate:

And though people constantly clamor about how different New York and San Francisco are in lifestyle, as if their dual existence confronts humanity with some grand crisis of identity, New York and San Francisco are really overlapping worlds, comprised of the same genre of affluent white (or white acting) people, same career opportunities, same progressive cosmopolitan ethos. This is why we have friends there, job prospects, and a lead on an apartment.