MUSIC: The Heavenly States, along with French Miami, Railcars, 60 Watt Kid, Anderson Congress and Vitiligo, rally the troupes at tonight's DorkFest.

7:30 p.m. // Cafe Du Nord (2170 Market) // $10-$12

FILM: John Hughes' finale to his teen trilogy, (1986), featuring Molly Ringwald and an amazing Annie Potts, screens tonight in Dolores Park. Expect lots of romance, prom action, poor-girl-dates-rich-guy, a bizarre dress, angst, and Duckie's hair. Laughter, tears. (Oh, and be sure to bring along a jacket or two. It's going to be chilly, folks.)

8 p.m. // Dolores Park (Dolores & 18th Street // free

Pretty In Pink