Our favorite society photog, Drew Altizer, has dipped his toes in iIl linguaggio del cinema (which, for those of you not in the know, è universale), and his latest effort is this surf punk-infused montage of San Francisco Magazine's Best of the Bay Party.

We don't recognize most of the revelers in attendance; they're all well over 40, or so it appears. We think we recognize Roonan from KOIT, or whatever radio station that is. And we think that that guy from Eye On Orinda is in there somewhere, toasting the camera. Jennifer Siebel's BFF Lori Puccinelli Stern looks like she's having fun. So does that black guy. Anyway, the party, which we think was held in a tent at the Moscone Center Chevy's, seemed very relaxing and entertaining.

Speaking of the glossy mag parties, are the local celebrities who go to SF Mag bashes contractually obligated not to attend 7x7 parties? Also, do the mags have to use different caterers? different PR reps? different florists? More importantly, do the editors have to use different cocaine dealers? Please advise, glossy mag scribes.