SFGate "City Bright" scribe Rich Lieberman just wrote to us to ask if SFist would mention his appearance on Allen Ginsberg's ex-lover's radio show. (Sure, we like the guy. He's interesting. He wears hats. And he's never written the line "It's time to let Jennifer be Jennifer," a line that almost made us smash our face through a closed window. So, why the hell not, right? Right.) Liberman tells us, "I'll be on the Michael Savage show this afternoon in the 5-6 PM hour PST, (don't know the specific time, somewhere in there) you'll have to listen...or if you can't, i'll be on YouTube tonight...Just print "Rich Lieberman, Michael Savage" in the Youtube search box." Presumably, he'll be on our favorite troll's show to discuss Savage's UK-ban story. But you'll have to tune in to find out at Talk 960 910 KNEW.