SFist reader Greg Ellis writes to us for help.

Editor - Can you help? Any suggestions on other forums to get advice?

Looking at a place near Cole and Hayes. Anyone live in the area bounded by Masonic, Stanyan, Fell and Fulton? How safe is this area?

1) Would you advise a small-ish woman that it's fine to walk to Lucky Supermarket at 9pm? What about up to Cole and Carl? What about to Fly?

2) Would you park you car on the street without (much) fear on getting the windows smashed?

3) Have you ever had a homeless (or otherwise un-savory) person sleep on your steps? Piss on your steps? Verbally harass you near your home? [B2B day excluded]

4) How much ambulance traffic/noise does St. Mary's hospital get?

5) Any other thoughts about the neighborhood?


Our advice is that any place not inside One Rincon Hill or Presidio Terrance is pretty much a war zone, so we're not the best person to ask. But what say you, real-estate savvy readers? Can you help Greg and his small-ish lady friend find a safe place to call home?