We're a little late getting this to you, but if you don't know yet, you will now. See, you did not win the Grand Prize drawing for the San Francisco Dream House Raffle. That is, unless you're from San Carlos and your name is Vivian Heinzel. Because she's was picked the big winner, who now has the chance to choose between the dream home or $1.8 million cash. Heinzel's new $2.4 million crib, located near Golden Gate Park, features an Edwardian exterior, modern amenities, 4-car garage, chef's kitchen, mahogany floors, 4 bedroom/4.5 bath, views of the tree canopy of Golden Gate Park, and a separate entrance for privacy. Following Saturday's drawing, Kenneth J. Foster, YBCA’s Executive Director, said, "The funding helps YBCA address budgetary needs during this difficult economic time and we plan to conduct another dream house raffle next year during the spring." A list of all winners can be found here.